organic living: indoor edibles

Last week I had mentioned a book that I’d picked up and was eager to read through. Well, let’s just say I haven’t finished reading the book but did make an unplanned visit to our local big box store last week and it resulted in the purchase of this:

IT’S AN INDOOR GREEN HOUSE!!! Six bucks for the green house, $4 for the soil, and another $7 or so in organic seeds. Exactly what I needed to give little seeds the perfect start! So I selected an assortment of seeds, potting mix, and was on cloud 9 as I proceeded to the register.

The purchase was made Wednesday night. Fast forward 4 days to Saturday when I was finally able to begin planting.

The process is pretty simple and straight forward. Four steps in all to be exact. Here are the pods getting a big gulp of warm water.

Below are the pods expanded with the top left pod already sown and covered with the peat and the bottom left hosting a few seeds.

And here are the little darlings all sown and ready to be covered up.

And because there are 72 pods in the kit I made a little chart to keep track of the seeding arrangement…ha! Get it?

My goal (and I must confess this is an experiment of sorts because I never got around to a garden in Albuquerque, have never grown anything edible, nor have I ever attempted to grow anything edible primarily indoors) is to replace my house plants with edible, ORGANIC herbs and veggies. With these oh so long winters here I just decided that instead of waiting for the 20 minutes of Colorado spring/summer/fall I would try to make a garden indoors. And I just figured my houseplants have done so well…fern included (which I was told would die within days)…that maybe, just maybe, herbs and small veggies could thrive at Casa de Paxson too.

That being said, even when some of these little plants do make it outside, the reality is they will mostly be grown here in the house. I’ve read a few articles that describe indoor gardening as doable so I decided it’s worth a shot. Plus it was a solution to my I-grew-up-on-5-acres-and-now-live-in-a-town-home blues…please forgive my melodrama.

Besides the possibility of it being super rewarding at the dinner table, Hope has been very diligent to check her beans every day to see how they’re sprouting so this is just another way to make town home living a little bit more outdoor minded!

On a side note, just two days after planting, I am proud to report that a handful of my lettuce pods, spinach, and scallions have begun to sprout! Words cannot describe my excitement!!! Now it’s just a waiting game until they’re big enough to transplant and then SOME MORE waiting until we can sample them…that is when I’ll be able to report what sinks and what swims…like the cherry tomatoes…really skeptical about those little guys doing well even in my sunniest window…but who knows…that’s the fun of an experiment anyway right? Plus, if it works out, what better way to put a salad on the table than from a little container in my entry way.

And speaking of experiments, are there any others that are just fun to try? Maybe you’re a gardening guru like my friend Susan and have tips for this indoor adventure? I’m all ears…like corn…not growing that indoors…although I’m sure the little lady might enjoy our living room that much more if I turned it into a corn maze! Can you imagine?!?!

*Did you know that if you live somewhere other than a town home with a front porch that doesn’t get great sunlight you’re already a step ahead of me? Check out the Bountiful Container…buy it used because that’s the green thing to do…and find a nice spot on your porch or back patio where you can stick a container or two…fill ’em to the brim with some great soil and then stock ’em with herbs, veggies, and edible flowers!


4 Responses to “organic living: indoor edibles”

  1. Susan Says:

    Awesome!! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! I don’t know if the book told you this or not, but with the lettuce you can just cut it off – leaving 2 or 3 inches – and it grows BACK!!

    • Stacey Says:

      THAT’S WHAT I READ!!! Now if they would just grow faster…I’m still curious if they’re going to produce…the jury is out on that one too…c’mon lettuce!

  2. Katrina Says:

    I ordered a whole bunch of organic seeds (non genetically-modified) off the seed savers exchange & am going to plant a very big garden this year!!! I’m afraid there will be lots more critters because we’re in rural Missouri, but at least there’s plenty of water. Good luck with your indoor garden!

    • Stacey Says:

      Really?! That’s what I intended to do but got so excited that I opted not too…have you heard of…I know you can order from there as well as find co-ops in your area…keep me posted on how it turns out…LOVE seeing real gardens!!

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