more news from Saturday…

Saturday was a big day! Not only did my venture into the world of indoor organic gardening begin but we also received our delivery of all-natural, grass fed beef from Searle Ranch…a local long-horn ranch.

Our freezer, which by the way was a Christmas present (because we’re THAT cool), went from looking like this:

To looking like this…

(With room to spare for the big shipment of organic berries from Bithell Farms that will be arriving in a few weeks…I can hardly wait!!!)

For $3.25 per pound here’s the run-down of what our 1/4 beef amounted to:

4 Fillet mignons

4 New York Strips

1 Rib Steak

3 Top Rounds

2 Top Sirloins

3 Packages of Stew Meat

2 Rib Steaks

2 Sirloin Tips

1 Brisket

2 Short Ribs

4 Chuck Roasts

2 Pot Roasts

2 Rump Roasts

4 Pikes Peak Roasts

4 English Roasts

and…29 lbs of premium* ground beef!!!

In addition to knowing we’re not pumping our family full of hormones, we love supporting a local rancher…Stan and Lorna in particular! After reading all about those pesky hormones here and watching this video on the way our food is grown, produced, and slaughtered I can’t rightly serve anything but all-natural…but it can be a bit pricey if you’re shopping at your local natural market…so I knew we needed to find another route to get this yummy stuff on our dinner table. After a discussion with Stan and more than a few conversations between Alex and I, we realized that buying in bulk is the way to go.

If you’re in the Colorado Springs/Denver area check out Searle beef for yourself. However if you’re outside of Searle Ranch’s distribution area but would still like to be able to put healthy, hormone free meat on the dinner table, with a little bit of research you should be able to find a ranch in your area that will sell anywhere from a 1/4 beef to a full beef depending on the needs of your family!

Also, stay tuned for an interview with the owner of Searle Ranch himself…Stan Searle…on the importance of eating all-natural as well as information on why long-horn meat is the beef to eat!

*Searle Ranch uses all cuts of meat to make their quality ground beef. The stuff is super yummy and not just the left-over cuts…check out this recipe for one way it makes a pot of soup soar!


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