how easily amused I am

When this

showed up in the mail I was like a giddy school girl because inside it contained these

Cheesy right? Mommy business cards…cheese ball fest 2010 right here at Casa de Paxson. Sign me up.

But you see we have a bit of a predicament. Hope is VERY allergic to peanuts. And as I was looking at the email from VistaPrint one of their clever little plug lines was something to the effect of “friendly reminder regarding allergies” and I thought that would be helpful…preemptive strike. And for $1.99 for 100 count why not…each of my kiddos may end up with 40 of them in their baby book…hmm…like I said…cheesy but they sure put a smile on my face! And aren’t they C.U.T.E!??!


One Response to “how easily amused I am”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ha! I love it! And they are cute.

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