the deal with dishes

Up until about a year ago we used the same big green box of dish washer detergent that everyone does…you know the BIG GREEN BOX!!!

And then, because I started thinking about the whole process of water purification, limited resources, etc. that I began to realize it was REALLY irresponsible of me to use the goop in that big green box.

I think it’s overlooked that the water doesn’t just come out the faucet, go down the drain and then disappear into oblivion…gross huh…especially when you start thinking about your kiddos future kiddos.

Consequently I began to realize I needed to put something into my dishwasher that would do the job of cleaning my dishes but not put toxic chemicals into the water system.

So, I switched to this:

And I’ve been pretty happy with it. The great thing about green cleaning products, laundry detergents, etc. is that they are SUPER concentrated so a little goes a looooong way. Comparatively speaking it’s significantly more expensive to go the green route…for 60 oz. of the big green box it’s roughly $5.99 while this lovely detergent from Seventh Generation is around $5.00 for 45 oz.

From my personal experience, we use about half the recommended amount to run a full load of dishes so the box lasts and lasts and lasts…

HOWEVER, I have a minor complaint…and I think it’s just a preference actually. I’m used to the dishwasher gels. Easier to use.

Since my last box of the Seventh Gen is about out I’m trying a new brand:

And I can’t tell yet whether or not it works better, worse, equal or what not than the Seventh Gen powder yet but I’m sure excited to try it out. The kicker – IT’S EVEN CHEAPER!!! Yep…hard to believe…at $4.69 for 40 oz.  not only do I have the lovely gel type I adore but it’s a tad bit nicer to my wallet.

So the way I figure, it pays to be green!

Conscientious of the world around me, check. Better use of my dollars and cents, check. Happy household with fewer toxins in the indoor air, check. With that many checks I don’t see why not!


4 Responses to “the deal with dishes”

  1. Susan Says:

    Have you tried the Trader Joes brand?

    • Stacey Says:

      No…never did. Do you use it? Do you love it? Are you in like with it??? Because I’m in like with Trader Joe’s…and I don’t care who knows!

  2. Katrina Says:

    I think I will pick up some “green” dishwashing detergent next time I go to the store. How did the gel work out for you?

    Have you read the book Green Housekeeping or Green Barbarians? I think you would really, really like it. Found it at Barnes & Noble. Funny and informative.

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