it really is working!!!

My friend Susan is the master of monthly menu planning…I say this because not only does she plan a menu for the entire month but she also preps, cooks, and freezes all the meals in ONE DAY! Amazing. I am amazed anyway.

Right after Seth was born I had this moment of “when will I ever get things done again?”, which thankfully passed, and purchased a great book on cooking this way. Saves time. Saves money. Saves sanity.

So although I’ve yet to have a month where I’ve planned my monthly menu and frozen all the cooked meals, I am on my second month of planning our menu for the month. And this month I decided to help myself out a little bit more by adding our breakfasts too.

It looks a little something like this:

The book is fabulous and recommends a different dish each night of the week, but that’s a little much for me right now so I took a tip from Sue and orchestrated a more repetitive menu. Soups on Sunday are great because dinner is ready Monday night without any more effort than just pulling out the left-overs…Mondays are crazy anyway right? They are for us…Alex has Bible Study and it’s the beginning of another week. Breakfast for dinners on Saturday are a great substitute for our long-lost tradition of waffles Saturday morning. You get the idea.

Our bank account gets a refill once a month and I’ve tried a slew of other ways to stay within my grocery budget but ALWAYS trickle over. This method has allowed me to budget everything up front and make alterations if I look at the numbers and realize one dish or another might put us over.

The best part is that it cuts the guess work out. No more wondering what we’ll eat that night, or that morning, I just check the menu and participate in what I’ve set up.

Not sure if it’s this way around your place, but breakfast gets a little crazy too. Between a quiet time, shower, getting all dolled up in my super sexy sweats, devotions with Hope, and getting breakfast before Alex heads out the door, I found that we were eating Cheerios by the bucketful! Not that there is anything wrong with Cheerios (I personally still think they’re the bees knees) or eating cereal every morning. But seeing as it’s the most important meal of the day I knew it would be good to add a little substance to our breakfasts.

AND THEN IT HIT ME! Add varied breakfasts to the menu…check it, then follow your directions to yourself.

Viola! Problem solved…my family is getting something other than cereal and I’m not stumped as to what we should fix.

Besides…this little puppy needs to get a regular workout.

We bought one…with not so much as batting an eye lash…after seeing Alex’s aunt and uncles in action THEN seeing the demo at Costco we were sold…and we love it. Worthwhile investment. Enough said.

So, there you have it…just another way to save money and bring a big dose of efficiency to Casa de Paxson with minimal effort. And I will say it truly makes meal times more enjoyable.

*Be sure to stay tuned for the recipe for those oh so tasty Cheeseburger Bites…YUMM-O and!


3 Responses to “it really is working!!!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Looks like the monthly menu is working well! I plan mine for two weeks at a time. I’ve also recently felt like my grocery costs were creeping up, but I didn’t want to have to carry a calculator around the store…So, I decided to just do an estimated tally as I went along. Then, if I get all the way over to the ice cream and frozen pizza section, but I’ve already reached my budget, I skip them. And, no more surprises at the checkout. I’m happy with it so far (and much closer to my budget, without feeling like I’m missing anything)!

    • Stacey Says:

      That is SUCH a great idea Amy! And I’m even more impressed you don’t lose track…!!! Miss you guys and hope you’re doing well!!!

  2. Susan Says:

    Ha! *bowing* 🙂 This month I’m only freezing a few meals.. it gets old pulling stuff outta the fridge! And since you all are loving soups:
    We made it last night and it was delish!
    And my friend, Sarah, posted this one that we loved! (and it freezes well!)
    Also, this is Jeremiah’s favorite! I add more broth, use turkey bacon (add butter to sub for the bacon fat) and serve it with a ton of sour cream and cheese!

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