better stay focused…or at least awake…

There are a handful of things to update on around here…like the beans that are now showing their first true leaves or my very experimental indoor garden or the lessons I’ve been learning or…an so on an so forth…


…seeing as I’m BARELY awake even as I type…I’d better tackle laundry and pick up around here…

…otherwise I might lose a child in the mess…or go bananas because I nearly start to twitch when the house gets so chaotic…nearly

…or worse yet…send my husband to work without a clean undershirt! OH MY!!!

That just doesn’t sound very responsible of me…SO…today the updates will just have to wait…I’m on a mission to become a nearly-awake-Cinderella during this nap time…

…and by golly, with the help of the chai (and all its caffeinated glory) I think I might just succeed!


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