sweet substitutions…

Skittles and Jelly Bellies. Our potty training reward of choice. Until I watched this flick.

All candy was promptly thrown in trash.

So for a few weeks it was dried cherries and blueberries instead. Hope didn’t seem to notice the reward switch but I still felt a twinge every time we celebrated a victory and I handed her one little piece of dried fruit…she’d just had a handful maybe 10 minutes earlier for snack time.

So I was on a mission…and oh Vitamin Cottage, I could JUST HUG YOU!!!

Wonderful, dye free jelly beans. Gummi bears too (we stopped giving her a Flintstone gummi every morning as well…felt really bad about that one because her routine was to ask for one first thing when she woke up…”me go get a gummi?”) and now I have an alternative.

Organic, all natural…now she gets a gummi bear (for the sake of routine) and a cup of oj (it hides the powder vitamins best) every morning. Hope seems to be okay with the arrangement.

Anyway…the next major substitution happened by accident.

For Valentine’s Day we told Hope that cupcakes would be made and frosted. So Alex picked up a box of cake mix…you know the one with the familiar red spoon at the top? A tub of hydrogenated oil frosting too.

Then…we watched that darn movie. I shouldn’t say it like that…gives a HUGE misrepresentation of how I feel about the flick…it’s just that had I watched the movie after we had made cupcakes I wouldn’t have had to throw all that stuff in the trash too.

But then, had I not we might not have discovered this.

Yep…organic cake mix AND frosting. A tip of the hat to Vitamin Cottage again (although we miss our Trader Joe’s and daily hope that liquor stores in Colorado will be tired of making a profit and consequently stop pouring oodles of dough into halting the bills that are attempting to lift the liquor laws here we realize it’s a shot in the dark and have come to appreciate the slightly less cost efficient VC).

There are a few other flavors as well…we stick with vanilla just avoid all possible allergic reactions with miss Hope.

Anyway…back to the cake. Words…there are simply no words to describe JUST.HOW.DELICIOUS. this stuff is…Betty Crocker eat your heart out.

And since Wednesday is now baking day I picked up a box earlier this week.  I just didn’t have the energy to mill any soft white wheat flour this week nor the energy to figure something out so a boxed cake it was!

The icing on my cake…Pulte needed to fix our shower and had to come by on THURSDAY. Translation: Alex would be home…so we switched baking day to Thursday instead of Wednesday and he whipped up the cake with Hope.

Mid-way through the process our friends stopped by to pick up some of the seedlings. Upon transplanting them I realized that I had a surplus of seedlings but not the heart to just pitch ’em…so I gave them.

Anyway, Laura and her sweet (and when I say sweet I mean you just want to cuddle him because he melts your heart so quick) little guy Hunter stopped by just in time…Alex had just finished up the frosting…one beater per kiddo made for an oh so nutritious mid-morning snack.

There are some people who take pictures and then there are others who TAKE PICTURES…Laura is the latter…can you tell…

I should also add that it’s Laura’s birthday today. She mentioned this to me 2 days…as in 48 hours…ago.

And I forgot.

It wasn’t until they’d been gone for a good half hour that it hit me.

WE WERE MAKING CAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and it still slipped my mind.

Baby brain…love dearly and would give up my memory again today for our little people but let me tell ya,  if I could have BOTH my brain and the little people, well I might just do a back flip.

The cake. It’s so good. I like mine with a little milk in the bowl.

Hope likes hers on her fingers and in her mouth.

It’s really good. And even better…no yucky fake stuff. Three cheers!!!

Makes me feel less guilty for eating the whole slice. Less guilty.

*Speaking of yucky fake stuff…I am so excited to be able to put all my hours and hours of grueling studies to obtain a journalism degree to work in the form of a few interviews…as I mentioned, Mr. Stan Searle will be one of these, but also on the ticket is the brilliant author of this book…stay tuned!!!


One Response to “sweet substitutions…”

  1. randy (Pappy) Rich Says:

    Honey, You are doing a great job with the veggies. Can’t wait to eat some of it when I get there on the 7th. Love you

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