the little things

I opted out of the gym tonight…

Instead I had some sweet snuggle time with my precious lovey girl.

After reading a post my friend Ann wrote I decided that I’d go check in on the little lady…who had been in bed for a good long while…

She was awake…so we read an extra book…for good measure.

And then somehow Daddy ended up in there with us.

And then Hope needed to make another trip to the potty…just to be on the safe side.

While Daddy and Hope got her bedtime diaper back on I went downstairs for a jelly bean.

And then we all ended up in Hope’s bed…it just so happened that I was able to grab my camera while I was getting the jelly bean so we have this to commemorate an evening that typically winds down in a very different fashion…

I guess for some life is about making a name or charting unmarked courses, but for me it’s right here…living life with my family…trying to savor more moments than I take for granted…in the little things…the moments that come and go like the ocean tide…the little things…my favorite.


2 Responses to “the little things”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hope looks like she is very happy with your decision 🙂

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