all dolled up

Earlier this week my fabulous husband offered to watch the little miss while I took our son antiquing.

Don’t worry. Seth didn’t feel like it compromised his masculinity one bit…I think he was too busy being excited about me taking him out of his pajamas and actually getting him dressed for the day to notice what we were doing.

There is a gigantic antique store in south Colorado Springs that I’ve only been to one other time.

A gazillion vendors. A gazillion and one little treasures waiting to be found. I was on cloud nine. So much so that I didn’t snap one picture.

And I really should have…you see, we went with our friends…Laura is due with baby #2 in about 3 1/2 weeks. She brought along her son Hunter, who is secure in his masculinity as well, and then offered to push both boys around in our Phil & Ted’s.

It was quite the sight. The cashier actually asked, just for her peace of mind, if both boys were Laura’s. Not both hers.

Phew! Can you just imagine?!?

So sadly there are no pictures to document our excursion.

However…I do have pictures of a gem I found whil-ST there…


I love that it’s missing panes of glass.

My mantle loves the extra jewelry.

And I love that it replaced a much too small mirror.

My original intent was to hang it in the upstairs hall to frame some photos.

I changed my mind…it would be just dreadful to ask it to part ways with the mantle.

So curious where it came from.


4 Responses to “all dolled up”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh I love it!

    • Stacey Says:

      Thanks Sus…and I love you..and Moses..and that baby that THANK HEAVENS didn’t get burned to death last night. :0) Oh, and Jeremiah too!

  2. Tricia Anne Says:

    What a beautiful window! :o)

    • Stacey Says:

      Thank you SO much! It was half the price of windows in that other vendors were selling so I was super excited about snagging it!!! It’s always fun to find a deal!!! But it’s even better when it has so much charm and personality!

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