transforming a community

There is something about small towns that has always appealed to me…I suppose in large part it has to do with spending so many weekends and summers at my grandparents home in Alamogordo, NM.

I just like small towns. They set my mind at ease.

So I guess it’s no surprise that I fell in love with our little town when we first moved to Colorado. Small town yet close to a big city.

I love the 4th of July parade that attracts what seems like thousands of people from the Tri-Lakes area…and events like the Yule Log Hunt every Christmas…familiar faces and a slower pace.

And I like the small church we attend that meets in a high school because saving money that would be used to keep a building maintained can instead be given to missions. The fellowship meal after service and the heart to truly be a part of a community…not merely fill a seat on Sunday morning.

It’s that desire to be part of community that prompted Tuesday night dinners at Shani’s.

Alex played live music last Tuesday night…it was so fun to just to sit and listen to him play…he’s so talented.

Seth thinks so too.

Hope managed to get Miss Connie and Mr. Jim to take her back and forth between our table and the water feature that runs through the restaurant.

Mommy was grateful for the extra set of hands and eyes.

It’s a time to connect over a meal and live life together. Live life together…it’s that together part that really has me thinking.


2 Responses to “transforming a community”

  1. Pat Breese Says:

    I knew you’d love it there~ now you know why I mourned for years and long to return someday.
    My memories are so beautiful. How blessed to live right under the Christmas Star! That was built by the local firemen. I was Mistress of Ceremonies for the Yule Log for 20 years. We attended that Little Log Church where I served in numerous capacities. Who is your pastor? I hope it’s Tim Miller. He’s fabulous!
    We moved there in 1961 !!! Lived in Monument in the Presbyterian Manse. There were 2 schools (elementary at Palmer Lake and ‘Old Red’ high school in Monument.) One country store and a cheese factory in Palmer Lake. Well, I could go on for days! I’m sure you’ve read the history and visited the museum.

    • Stacey Says:

      Oh Pat…it must have been so hard to leave! I just found out about the museum the other day and can’t wait to go check it out!!! And I didn’t know you were involved with the Yule Log…I should have known :)! Next item on the agenda is to ask your beau if he can call LPHS and get the Paxson’s season passes to the sporting events!!! Wink, wink!

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