expecting a bountiful harvest

Time for an update on my indoor garden experiment.

“It’s about time”, you might be thinking.

Yes…well…I have a little confession.

I’m nervous! You see I’ve never participated in the growth of a plant from packet to produce. Never. And I’m attempting it indoors. What if I fail?

And then I remembered I don’t mind failure so much…always something to be learned…and this is an experiment…right?

Yes…well, an experiment that I have bigger expectations for than I realized.

That’s the why behind the delay. Now you know. Forward we go.

Since the last time I give you a peak at the little pods they’ve been transplanted into containers. It was a great time spending last Wednesday with my hands in potting soil…although I now have a MUCH better understanding why people typically do this outside…it’s so messy.

About half way through the transplant I realized I had a handful of seedlings that would end up tossed if I didn’t find new homes for them…72 pods full of seeds…what on earth was I thinking I would do with that many plants? Turn our little town home into a greenhouse? Probably not one of my greater ideas.

Anyway…most of them found homes…however, these little plants will be going the way of the garbage…

This is my lettuce arrangement…red flame (sassy!)…little gem…salad bowl…spinach…chives…and lemon basil…

I’m worried the lettuce got too leggy…should have had the modesty convo with it…I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what that means, leggy, but I’m just GUESSING the little lettuce sprouts shouldn’t be drooped over like this…

BUT I imagine it looking something like this if when they all grow-up.

image curtesy of ft2garden.powweb.com

That’s why I picked the container I did…because it will be so cute…I envision myself carrying it back and forth between the entry way and kitchen using those darling wooden handles.

And this is the bucket I put the bean in from Hope’s little bean experiment

Can you believe it started out as a little ole dried bean? The bean is rooming with garlic chives, rosemary, and…the squash plant…did I read that squash plants need around 6 cubic feet to really flourish? Yes, I most certainly did.

Could I resist putting the baby squash plant in this little bucket for just a bit? No, clearly not.

This other adorable bucket duo are the temporary home for my yellow pear and baxter cherry tomatoes. Don’t those skewers just beg to be swathed in vines???

Use your imagination.

Scallions and two variations of parsley round out those containers. They’re making themselves right at home in the window of our master bedroom…because we all know nothing says romance like produce.

Oh la la! So racy!

Rosemary…yummy. More chives…yes please! This little container is hosting both for now.

So there you have it…from pods to mini-plants. I’m a huge fan of the Jiffy system…only a few pods didn’t produce plus it was so fun to check out our indoor greenhouse with Hope each morning.

Here’s hoping they keep growing

On a side note, I’m sure my singing the seed song (scroll down…there ya go…all the way to #25…enjoy) to them is helping.

Sure of it.

But (deep sigh) in the event it’s not? Well then I’ll just plant some more seeds and try again…by the looks of last year and from what I hear, we have another 4+ months of winter around here…and seeds a-plenty!


2 Responses to “expecting a bountiful harvest”

  1. Susan Says:

    I giggled a lot while reading this 🙂

    • Stacey Says:

      Phew! I sure giggled a lot while writing it but we both know it’s a little dorky to be the only one laughing at your own wit so good…I’m not. Thank you Susan…faithful reader and friend…for giggling with me!

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