look! look! LOOK!!!

Can you believe it? The lettuce  may be leggy but those are the first true leaves on my tomato plants!!!

By the way, I learned that leggy means too much growth too quickly which can be identified by seeing too much stem between leaf sets.

Good to know.

Conclusion…the lettuce definitely got too leggy and will likely need to be tossed and re-grown…but I’ll give it some more time…just in case my super novice gardeners intuition is wrong.

And this…well this is a big reason why we’re doing what we’re doing…

She told me she was looking at her plant just like Isabella (who by the way is named Sarah in the synopsis but Isabella in the book)…

I told her to blow it kisses and not pick the leaves off or it would die…

She decided to hug it.

Glad we made our way to the zoo Wednesday and park on Thursday…today the forecast is calling for up to 12 inches…the 62 degree weather was delicious while it lasted!


4 Responses to “look! look! LOOK!!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Congratulations! on your upcoming harvest !! Love to all. Mom.

  2. Stephenie Says:

    Just wanted to say Congratulations on your feature on The Lettered Cottage. Great job getting that free mantel from Pottery Barn!

    • Stacey Says:

      Thanks so much Stephanie and the same to you!!! I absolutely LOVE what you did with your mantel and am brainstorming a way to put chalkboard paint somewhere spiffy like you and your hubby did!!

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