A Sprig of Parsley

It’s such a sweet book. I mentioned it a few posts back. It’s one of Hope’s favorites…and I’m so glad because the story is a great reminder to any reader, young or old.

“The rose was $5.95. The daisy was $2.50. Isabella didn’t have enough money to buy Grammy’s birthday present. Mr. Sid, the owner of Sid’s Garden Shop, saw Isabella’s sad face so he handed her the last puny plant from the sale table.

‘It’s only parsley, don’t know if it’ll grow.’

Isabella smiled and replied, ‘Thank you Mr. Sid. God can make it grow’. And she skipped home hugging her puny parsley plant.”

Reason #1 why parsley is a part of my indoor gardening experiment.

And speaking of parsley…look at this… do you see that little plant down in the right hand corner…

A closer look might be helpful.

Do you see it?!!?

Parsley…little, tiny, mini, parsley leaves!!! Right now they’re not much bigger than a pinto bean.

SO excited to see the seeds actually become what they’re intended to become.

This little parsley plant has become one of many analogies that’s come about since starting this project…they’re becoming what they were intended to become because the One making grow knows how to, well, make them grow…

A former employer once told me that we’re not called to determine results, we’re just called to participate. God is responsible for the results.

So I’m participating…by watering the plants in this case…

We’re also participating in the shaping of  our little peoples lives by teaching Hope Bible verses and speaking them into Seth’s life…trusting that as God grows them up, He will be faithful to fulfill what He has planned for them…just like He’s enabling the little parsley seeds to become parsley plants.

I enjoy watering them and waiting expectantly…but it’s certainly not my novice gardening self that’s makin’ them grow.


I love analogies and I love that life is sprinkled with them so if we’re willing to be continual students, God is always there, ready to teach us something.

Back to the plants…as you might be able to see, there are 3 cherry tomato plants per bucket that are doing well.

The instructions told me that once the seedlings go from sprouts to first true leaves then I am supposed to leave only the strongest seedling.

I’m in a bit of a pickle though.

I haven’t the slightest clue which one is the strongest.

They’re all nearly the same size.

They all look good n’ green.

However, I am sure of one thing..

Those skewers will never be swathed in vines…I suppose I was expecting mini plants…

As it turns out the plants didn’t get that memo and appear to be ready to overtake the skewer any day now.

Good for them.

I’m rather glad about it actually.

I’m considering it a good thing…as in, they may actually do what they’re supposed to do.

Though it would have been awfully darling to see the tiny skewers sporting a little tomato bling!

Well, either way I’m needing to do a bit more research about this so at the very least I can let go of my concern that I’ll throw Rudy the underdog, who would’ve been a mass cherry tomato producin’ plant, in the trash.

Back to my gardening manual…

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The deadline is this Friday at 10 PM MST  and the winner will be announced Monday morning!

Just leave a comment after the post and you’ll be entered to win…plus if you have any green tips I’d love to hear ’em.


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