a weekend of drawings!

I had big plans to share about our exciting and oh so successful trip to Goodwill on Friday but this came in the mail:

We ordered a subscription of it several months ago from a guy who was going door to door.

And because both little people went down for a nap early I opted to curl up with a cup of tea, this magazine, and watch the snow…sounds serene doesn’t it?

It was…for about 10 minutes…

Such is life!


Alright…I was apparently more excited about the giveaway than I realized because, among other things this weekend, I did multiple drawings-from-a-hat…but more on that in a minute…

First…who do you think won???

C’mon…just guess…it’ll be fun!!!

I opted to pull from a hat this time because I’d seen another blogger save her first giveaway name slips in a jar and I liked the idea of that…so in a jar, on my desk, is where all of your names will be…a little reminder of my very first giveaway and to keep you in my prayers as you go about your day to day!!!

Hope sure had fun getting her picture taken to announce that TRISTA COSTANTINO*, my wonderful neighbor and friend, won a copy of “The Shopper’s Guide to Healthy Living”, those cute reusable produce bags, and 2 shopping totes!!!

But I did mention drawingS…yes, well, in the spirit of drawing outta a hat, I decided to use the pick-a-number-out-of-the-hat method to determine which tomato plants would stay.

Like I said last week, all the pressure and stress (drip, drip, drip) of which seedlings to pull was really getting to me. They are all doing so well.

This way it was fair and square.

Passing blame isn’t really my cup of tea but in this case, if it turns out that the winners don’t produce…well, now I can always pass the blame off on the drawing.

!!! 🙂 !!!

Here’s how it went down.

Three cherry tomato plants per bucket. Each set of three was given a number 1-3. Then on these oh so small pieces of paper I wrote out numbers 1-6…1 & 4 were a pair, 2 & 5 were a pair, 3 & 6 were a pair.

Then I dumped them all in a hat…no one draws out of hats these days so I decided to revive the tradition.

Thank you Miss America…





The yellow pear winner went to seedling #1…out came 2 & 3.

And for the baxter tomatoes #2 was safe.

Let’s give the other four seedlings a round of applause…after all, they did show up every day and give it their best shot.

And although I wasn’t the slightest bit happy about disposing of the little losers, can I just tell you that the moment I did, my hands had that tomato vine smell on them and I forgot all about feeling sorry for them and remembered why I’m pluckin’ plants…so the seedlings that won the drawing can grow, grow, grow…produce, produce, produce!!!

So to the winners, Trista Costantino*, #1 yellow pear, and #2 baxter…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

In any other situation I would have needed the winners mailing address but since you’re next door Trista we’ll drop it by!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!! It was so fun to read your comments and have you get excited about eating and living organically with me!!!

And for those of you who didn’t win but are interested in reading Kathy’s amazing book, head over to her website and pick up a copy. She’s even throwing in FREE SHIPPING!!!

Next up for the tomatoes…bigger pots. Next up for the blog…why we ate Tofu for dinner last night and my Goodwill deals…they were good this time!!!

Happy Monday!!!

*Winner was selected via a hat drawing by my very impartial 2 year old daughter. If you commented once your name was placed in the hat once. If you posted about the giveaway and commented your name was entered twice.


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