73…yes please!

The weather is lovely here today so we’re making the most of it and heading to the zoo…

Just in case the forecast is right and it snows on Friday…

And I thought New Mexico was finicky!


Happy Tuesday!!!


One Response to “73…yes please!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi! Honey~ I enjoyed reading your blog! And, how great that Trista won the drawing!! I’m assuming it’s fun to win that sort of thing, but I have no experience to speak from . . . .I loved seeing that that the kids are toting around their little critters. Tell them for me that they are my “stand-ins” while I’m not able to be there. Kristin and I will go to Alamo for Easter. Leave this Friday afternoon sometime and come home after lunch on Sunday. I’ll be thinking of you all. Hope your Easter is especially blessed! We would all be in such a mess if it were not for Easter !! Love you all very much. Mom.

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