Tofu can wait

You know how I love getting stuff in the mail.

Especially when I know it’s coming…I rush to the mail box when I see the mail Jeep pull up.

Sometimes I’m an early bird and the package I’m waiting for hasn’t arrived.

Today, our mail carrier didn’t disappoint.

But, first…a glimpse into my heart over the last few months…and how it’s culminated in the last few days.

A few months back I began a series titled, “When the Church Forgot Eternity”…and then I stopped…I just wasn’t ready…it was sounding bitter…

That was not what I needed to communicate.

But the message remained…always resurfacing in my quiet times…in my heart…and on my mind as I seek to raise up little people in the ways of the Lord.

Some of the questions that played over and over…

Why do we have SO much and still seek out more?

Why do we live in relative oblivion to the needs around us…both near and far…?

Why do we, as Christians, justify luxury upon luxury for ourselves…especially when it’s opposite what Jesus calls us to?

Why do we forsake the Biblical principals that are so direct yet still assume that the grace promised to those who follow Jesus will be applicable to us when one day we stand before His throne?

Why do we allow a culture of bigger, better, more, more, more drag us in…to the point that we disobey the One who paid such a high price to ransom us from the world around us?

And from the why’s…from the why’s I turn inward…

What do I do?

How do I live in light of Paul exhorting the church then, and me today, to “have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.”

How do I then live…in light of truth revealed?

What needs to go…from my life…my heart…my habits?

How do I pass this on to our little people as we go about our day to day?

Not out of misunderstanding that we’ll attain what He’s freely promised…but IN RESPONSE.

Swirling…all these questions…before the throne of God…in the discussions between my husband and I when the little people are in bed and the house is semi-picked up.

Then yesterday I went back…back to this blog…not to check for updated posts…but to get info to pass on to someone else…not knowing then how badly I needed this message reiterated.

And I started reading…because Katie has posted a few times since the last time I was introduced to her blog several months ago…and this post in particular got me.

It’s the message that’s been spoken to my heart over the last long while… it was there too.

An exhortation from a girl who has so evidently given up all and taken up her cross to follow her Savior.

It’s not going to look like that for me.

The Word is clear that I’m to love my husband, my children…be a worker at home (Titus 2:3-5)…but it doesn’t mean I’m exempt from obedience to everything else Jesus commanded.

I’m not.

Matthew 25:32-46 is just as applicable to me in my circumstances as it is to Katie…in Africa.

And then this…back to why I was again like a garfield cat…


…waiting for the mail to come…

An album, that as I type, is reiterating the eternal perspective that MUST be set aflame daily…a woman who lives in fellowship with her Lord…with her husband…a mother and shepherd of her children’s hearts…

And the album is good.



Inviting me to sit at His feet in spite of the laundry sitting at mine.

The message that’s being kindled as I listen is needed.

The heart of God through Adie.

But I don’t want to put words in her mouth…I want you to hear from her for yourself.

And that’s why I’m really looking forward to sharing her words with you soon.


Her album.

One of you will get a copy to pop in your CD player…so you can listen and be encouraged for yourself.

Now you know why the meal from the other night is on the sidelines today.

Why our thrift store finds and trip to the zoo are in the green room.

Something else came up.

A bit nearer to my heart than the latest recipe or bargain…those things will be there for me to share tomorrow.

This. It couldn’t wait.

Stay tuned…for tofu, $10 coffee tables, how we enjoyed the heat wave that swept through Colorado for 10 minutes yesterday…and Adie…the message God’s put in her heart.

I’m sure she’ll be a blessing.


4 Responses to “Tofu can wait”

  1. Tiffany Rockhold Says:

    Yay! SO glad you already got it! I know you’re going to absolutely LOVE the album. 🙂

    • Stacey Says:

      Thank you again my dear, dear friend…for thinking of me…for praying…and for always being there…thick and thin…

  2. Leann Says:

    I just got that album on itunes last week and I am LOVING it!! I have her 1st one too….it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing what’s on your heart, as always! Love you, friend

    • Stacey Says:

      Leann!!! I’m sending you a big hug and will be reminded to pray for you when I listen to it! I know God has you in Argentina for a reason but I sure wish you were closer and could grab coffee, chat, and laugh with me!!! Miss you and hope you’re doing well!!!

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