Spring cleaning the schedule

I’ve never participated in anything related to Spring cleaning…


My mom was the “tidy up” type.

Deep cleaning wasn’t a term I learned until much later.

And even then…well, have you met my little people?

This is Hope…age 2…

Very busy girl. Lots of questions. Always finding some new way to turn our home into her very own jungle gym.

Probably should have skipped the Curious George books at bedtime.


And this is Seth…6 1/2 months…

He’s added a little tooth to that gummy grin since this picture was taken but you get the idea…he’s lively!

Seth loves toys and being entertained. So content and chatty…sounds like a dinosaur…or at least the way Hollywood has informed me they sound…

Needless to say…the plate is a little.bit.full. and although I think cleaning every nook and cranny sounds like so much fun…I can’t justify it.

Not right now.

Not all at once.

Not with little people around who are growing up so fast.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few things getting tidied up around here…closets…I have tackled all but one of our closets…and the afters are good.

The kitchen cupboards are next.

I will be as ruthless with them as I was with my collection of unworn shoes.

Big plans…just need to find the time…

One little bit of tidying up that went on not too long ago was to our daily/weekly schedule.

The idea was sparked because my friend, Meg, builds a fort for her little people every Monday…by the way, Meg…if you’re reading this I’d really like to see pictures…I’m sure everyone else would too…plus I’d like to know all about it!

And so all week long they can look forward to Monday being fort day!!!

Isn’t that a great idea?!!?

Well it got me to thinking about how crazy Meg would be if every day was fort day!!!

Can you just imagine the hair pulling that would go on???

And it would be such a shame because Meg has great hair.

Well, anyway…it got me to thinking about the hair pulling that was going on around here because there are so many things I was trying to fit into our day and I was SO frustrated that it wasn’t working.

Then it hit me…please cue laughter at my ignorance now…I don’t have to do EVERYTHING EVERY DAY.


Imagine my relief.

I just needed to be a bit more scheduled…a little bit more organized…so I made a list of everything I wanted to fit in…crafts, music, baking, Spanish, Bible verses, etc.

Some of these things go on daily…like the quiet time we do with Hope in the morning or the devotions we do before Daddy leaves for work.

But some only happen weekly.

Like Little Pim.

For some time Monday has been Little Pim day.

Little Pim…as in the Spanish speaking (and 9 other languages, including English, for that matter) panda.

And so every Monday, we watch one of three 35 minute DVDs. They’re so great because they’re broke down into 5 minute segments that can be watched a little here and a little there if you want.

We want it all at once.

They’re that good.

Let me put it this way, total, I spent 4 years “studying” Spanish. I say that very loosely because I’d like to think that after 4 years of anything I’d have something to show for it.

But I don’t.


Other than the handful of words that are just obvious due to growing up in New Mexico.

Well, let me tell you…I’m learning Spanish. Albeit…vocabulary and basic sentence structure but folks that’s a big deal for me!

It was important to us that our children have an opportunity to become bilingual at the most opportune time in their lives…right now. So for Christmas 2009, Little Pim was on the wish-list.

Alex’s dad and mom delivered…we’re so grateful!

Little Pim was developed by Julia Pimsleur Levine. She’s a mother as well as the daughter of renowned language teacher, Paul Pimsleur.

Long story short, she wanted a quality tool to teach language to her children.

Thank you Julia!!!!! We love it and are learning!!!

Anyway…Monday is Little Pim, every other Tuesday is craft day (because I’m not so confident I’ll be able to come up with enough crafts for the little lady and I don’t want to crash before really taking off!), Wednesday is baking day…yes this is every week thank.you.very.much., Thursday is music day, and Friday is a free day.

Do you know how wonderful it is to feel like, amidst the craziness of just keeping a house running, somewhat tidy, and feeding little bellies I’m not going to just rush through these sweet moments without purpose?

Pretty darn wonderful.

So…although the house may not be spick n’ span it’s sure gonna be filled with love, laughter, and some sweet moments!

Now, I’m curious what your days look like? Are you as desperate for a game plan as I am in order to get stuff done? Do you fly by the seat of your pants and manage to fit it all in…I know there are some of you super moms out there? What are the activities of choice around your place? Any cute craft ideas for toddlers? Please share…I’m always looking for ideas!

*By the way…did you notice the glass table top Pim and his DVD buddies were sitting on? I’m not going to get into too much but I will tell you 2 important things about it: Craigslist & $10. Steal of a deal.


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