Sweet reminder

Good friends of ours are in Argentina planting a church.

A little while ago Leann posted this ABCs of Christian Parenting list on her blog.

I’ve been wanting to share it since I read it, but for some reason, until recently, when I tried opening her blog I would get re-directed to another site.

Now that it’s fixed I’m so glad to post this here.

Make sure to head over to Leann’s blog to keep up to date with their little family, the oh-so-dashing Mr. Parker and sweet-as-can-be, London Kate, as well as their blog about life in Argentina.

The ABC’s of Christian Parenting

A – Affirm who your children are in Christ.
B – Build a foundation of love and trust.
C – Communicate openly and often.
D – Discipline consistently and fairly.
E – Expect the best of them.
F – Forgive frequently.
G – Give unconditional love.
H – Help them to grow spiritually.
I – Invest time in them.
J – Join in family night fun.
K – Keep Christ central in your home.
L – Live what you teach.
M – Make your home atmosphere positive.
N – Notice and commend achievements.
O – Organize family vacations
P – Pray for them faithfully.
Q – Quote Scripture when appropriate.
R – Release them as they’re ready.
S – Set a good example.
T – Train them well in the ways of the Lord
U – Understand their God – given gifts.
V – Value each child individually.
W – Welcome creativity.
X – eXplain why when you say no.
Y – Yearn to see them become all they can be.
Z – Zero in on Christian values.

Thank you again for sharing this Leann!!! Love you friend!!


3 Responses to “Sweet reminder”

  1. Leann Says:

    glad you finally got the link worked out!!! Thanks friend, love you too

  2. Stacey Says:

    I was just looking around for some fun blog reading and I happened upon your blog!
    I think it’s a God thing that you and I share the same first name! 🙂
    By the way I love the ABC’s of Christian Parenting…
    I may post later this week and link back to you!

    find me at http://www.frogparenting.blogspot.com (Not for Profit, but for Joy!)

    • Stacey Says:

      That is fun! I’m glad you found me! Ah…nothing like sharing the joys of motherhood across the web :)! Please do…a friend passed it on to me and it’s such a great reminder! And make sure to check back…I’m in the process of switching blog address’s and when I do I’ll be kicking the new blog off with a giveaway!

      Blessings Stacey!

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