Nearly 2 years ago

Nearly 2 years ago we packed up our things and left New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, for Colorful Colorado.

It looked something like this…

And Hope was this size.

We left our church. Our friends, that we still miss SO much. Our families.

We were young and footloose.


And now we’re approaching the 2 year mark of life in Colorado.

Sometimes it’s still crazy to think that we live here.

Other than a summer in San Diego and 5 months in DC, this is the longest I’ve been away from good ole A.B.Q.

I think we’re finally beginning to feel settled.

Time and again we’ve seen evidence as to why the Lord directed us here.

To Colorado.

To Community Bible Study.


And it’s been SUCH a blessing living just across the way from my sister and brother-in-law. Our kiddos love Auntie Kels and Uncle Jo time.

Love it.

So seeing as we’re coming up on the 2 year anniversary of our move I thought it was time for another move.

No. Not that kind.

This kind.

A blog move.


My Messy Life has been such an appropriate title for my little blog and it will always hold a fond place in my heart…it’s message still ringing true in our daily life…but it’s time I upped and moved.

Please come on over and keep up with our family at Sweatpant Couture.

It’s time for a new phase to begin.

A new chapter to be written.

And I needed the .com


My IT hubby contacted the owners of and asked if we could purchase it from them…they declined…or so we concurred after they didn’t write back and then renewed ownership of it in February…so we went with a thought I’d mentioned in passing to my friend Susan many months back…we text A LOT.

And they’re always mostly hilarious observations about motherhood.

I suggested we write a book called “Sweatpant Couture”.

Then we thought we’d go for it in the form of a blog…but who were we kidding…4 babies between the two of us?

Silly us thinking we could manage our personal blogs plus another.

Needless to say…the .com for Sweatpant Couture was available back then and the dear old hubs snagged it for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me.


So moving I am.

And in the words of my darling 2 year old, “I am really, really so escited!!!”.

Because I’ve always chuckled to myself over the whit of that statement…I mean, sweatpants are a.dime.a.dozen.

There’s not one single thing couture about them.

But all you stay at home moms know how they just work best. And so I dress ’em up…with cute T-shirts.

Because those are couture.



Join me.

For all the things you find here.

Just with a new name.


2 Responses to “Nearly 2 years ago”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Well, alrighty then! 🙂 see you there!

  2. Mom Says:

    Hi! Honey~ Enjoyed your entry! And, love the pictures!! Got your message about the card. I’d actually forgotten about sending that card. Sorry Hope is having a hard time with bees. She didn’t get stung, did she? Anyway, the check is in the next card. . . Mom will get here pretty soon and we will go to the tea room at 4:00, then leave for Conn. at noon on Monday and get back about 4:00 the next Monday. . . It rained last night and I am so happy for the sake of my grass!! And it smells great around here today, too! . . . Please be praying I get my work schedule cleared while you are here!! We forgot to take me off on Sat June 8 becuz I am not allowed to work overtime. . . but I am still on for now. The mgr. for in-pt is working on it, so hopefully there is enough time to make the necessary changes!!! Anyway, I like the looks of the new blog. Always fun to read!! 2 weeks til you guys get here!!! Love you, Mom.

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