Peakin’ in on the Paxson’s

I started, actually Alex started, a blog for our little fam after Hope was born but the whole idea totally weirded me out so I shut the original down…and then I got over it when we moved north to Colorado…easy way to keep the family up to date and it provided an outlet for my “constantly thinking of brilliant things to say but there is no one to tell them too because I take care of little people all day” brain…I like writing so darn much and figured there might be one…just one person…who might want to be privy to all those genius thoughts…so there you have it…along with keeping the extended family up to date…a sort of “sit in our living room for a day and you’ll know why I decided to stop folding laundry” look into our life…you’ll also find a myriad of other topics…decorating on the cheap, my thoughts on theology, recipes, and MUCH…MUCH…MORE…all for the low price of $0.99…oops! got carried away as thoughts of wretched infomercials that steal money right out of hardworking peoples pockets danced through my mind…better stick to sugar plum fairies…you get the idea…messy…all over the place…just like the 8 rabbit trails that are bound to show up in my husbands stories…oh, and occasionally pics of our little people…just to keep my loyal fans coming back for more!


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