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really? already?

April 7, 2010

It’s hard to believe the little mister is already 6 1/2 months.

Here’s a shot of my always-pajama-clad son…in a pile of…hold your breath…clean laundry.

Shocking. I know.

Laundry and I keep our distance from one another…for the sake of the relationship we’ve determined it’s better if we each do our “own thing”.

I wash and dry it.

It decorates our master bedroom.

So far things are working out just fine.


Oh. Seth. 6 1/2 months. Right.

Yep…that means one thing…it was time for these guys to get in on the meal planning action yet again.

When I first started homemade baby food with Hope I went the route of freezing in ice cube trays…seems to be recommended by every site and book I read.

But I did not like them.

Not one bit.

And, one day, as I was feeding the lovey girl a jar of Earth’s Best pears (which, by the way, as far as store bought baby food goes, this is the best), I realized I could kill two birds with one stone.

Recycle the jars AND have perfectly portioned baby food servings.

Done and done.

Needless to say, in a very short amount of time I amassed quite a collection of jars and it was so much easier to pour the homemade goosh into the jars, pop a lid on, and put ’em in the freezer.

And, aside from loaning a handful of them out to a friend, they’ve just been holding up prime real estate in one of our kitchen drawers.


They take up so much space, you know, with all the lids and such.

But their time has come.

To return to the freezer and dinner table because the little guy is really getting into this solids thing.

It took awhile.

I should have started him at 4 months like we did with Hope.

But I decided this time around that it goes by so fast…why rush?

Well, let me pass on my advice. Rush. Rush those little people right to rice cereal.

I have a slew of theories and this is one of ’em. I have two whole case studies to back this one up so it’s even mildly sound.

We started Hope at 4 months and never had one bit of resistance.

Seth…5 1/2 months…and the child was resistant.

As in clenched jaw.

As in I put my pinky in the side of his mouth to get it to open and then, quick as lightening, slipped the food in.

I know what you’re thinking…that adorable face…stubborn? No. You must be mistaken.

Mistaken I am not. Stubborn? Yes. Very.

So, 4 months with Hope, no trouble; 5 1/2 months with Seth, a battle of the wills. My theory is start ’em early before they’re old enough to be too stubborn.


My favorite part of those battles…we’re beyond them so I can laugh about them now…was the day I asked Hope to tell Seth who always wins.

“Mama. Mama and Daddy always win brother.”


The Vitamix has come in super handy yet again. Absolutely earning it’s keep…best blender ever.

And, due to some tummy troubles, the little guy is eating all those rich in fiber foods.

This concoction seems to be his favorite.

Pears, carrots, spinach, and apple juice.

Yum…eat up little man…now that we’re past the I-will-not-and-no-you-can’t-make-me phase (to which I responded “Oh yes I can”), the boy puts food away.

Your Daddy and Uncle Jo have big plans for some intense man time.

And you’re going to need to grow big and strong if you plan to keep up with ’em!

*Making all this baby food…stocking it away and such reminded me to be SO thankful that we have the opportunity to provide adequate nutrition for our little people. So thankful.