the finished product

It’s up and Hope was as excited as I suspected she would be.

She promptly began taking all the letters down…

I had so much fun putting this little project together and it was super easy.

Due in part to finding the frame with sheet metal already put together at my local Goodwill for just shy of $5.

But you could just as easily head to a local thrift shop, find a big frame, spray paint the tacky out of it, then go to your local hardware shop and get a piece of sheet metal cut to size.

After attaching it with your glue of choice (the one I purchased had been hot glued to smitherines but I don’t mind because from the front you don’t see it.) prime the sheet metal and put a few coats of chalkboard paint on top.

It’s great for leaving little messages on.

One day…down the road…many days down the road if unsupervised…she’ll be able to color on it with chalk too!

And to keep all the numbers & letters ($1 a pack at my local big box) corralled I grabbed three acrylic shower caddies ($2.44 per caddy)…the kind that suction to the walls…gave them a shot of spray paint and hung them just below the board. miss Hope now has something else to keep her entertained with during her “nap time” if she opts out of napping.


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