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the finished product

April 9, 2010

It’s up and Hope was as excited as I suspected she would be.

She promptly began taking all the letters down…

I had so much fun putting this little project together and it was super easy.

Due in part to finding the frame with sheet metal already put together at my local Goodwill for just shy of $5.

But you could just as easily head to a local thrift shop, find a big frame, spray paint the tacky out of it, then go to your local hardware shop and get a piece of sheet metal cut to size.

After attaching it with your glue of choice (the one I purchased had been hot glued to smitherines but I don’t mind because from the front you don’t see it.) prime the sheet metal and put a few coats of chalkboard paint on top.

It’s great for leaving little messages on.

One day…down the road…many days down the road if unsupervised…she’ll be able to color on it with chalk too!

And to keep all the numbers & letters ($1 a pack at my local big box) corralled I grabbed three acrylic shower caddies ($2.44 per caddy)…the kind that suction to the walls…gave them a shot of spray paint and hung them just below the board. miss Hope now has something else to keep her entertained with during her “nap time” if she opts out of napping.


Good Grief to Glam! Toddler Decor

April 8, 2010

This will be brief…it’s mostly finished…just needs to be hung in Miss Hope’s room…

Do you remember this?

This lovely hand-painted frame complete with a sheet metal insert???

And for this price I could hardly justify passing it up.

Well, with a little bit of this and this…

It began to take on a whole new look.

After the primer and spray paint sat for a day I opened this can of worms paint.

I’ve been so eager to put chalkboard paint on SOMETHING.

I let it dry for the recommended time…forever…and after it dried it looked like this…

With just a little bit of seasoning and magnetic numbers & letters,  it now looks a little bit like this…

Next on the agenda…let the letters (the red ones got a shot of white spray paint too) and bins dry…then into the lovey girls bedroom!!!

She is going to get the biggest kick out of this…I can’t wait to have it completely finished and hung!!!

To see a slew of other B&A’s head over to Thrifty Decor Chick!!

Sweet reminder

April 8, 2010

Good friends of ours are in Argentina planting a church.

A little while ago Leann posted this ABCs of Christian Parenting list on her blog.

I’ve been wanting to share it since I read it, but for some reason, until recently, when I tried opening her blog I would get re-directed to another site.

Now that it’s fixed I’m so glad to post this here.

Make sure to head over to Leann’s blog to keep up to date with their little family, the oh-so-dashing Mr. Parker and sweet-as-can-be, London Kate, as well as their blog about life in Argentina.

The ABC’s of Christian Parenting

A – Affirm who your children are in Christ.
B – Build a foundation of love and trust.
C – Communicate openly and often.
D – Discipline consistently and fairly.
E – Expect the best of them.
F – Forgive frequently.
G – Give unconditional love.
H – Help them to grow spiritually.
I – Invest time in them.
J – Join in family night fun.
K – Keep Christ central in your home.
L – Live what you teach.
M – Make your home atmosphere positive.
N – Notice and commend achievements.
O – Organize family vacations
P – Pray for them faithfully.
Q – Quote Scripture when appropriate.
R – Release them as they’re ready.
S – Set a good example.
T – Train them well in the ways of the Lord
U – Understand their God – given gifts.
V – Value each child individually.
W – Welcome creativity.
X – eXplain why when you say no.
Y – Yearn to see them become all they can be.
Z – Zero in on Christian values.

Thank you again for sharing this Leann!!! Love you friend!!

really? already?

April 7, 2010

It’s hard to believe the little mister is already 6 1/2 months.

Here’s a shot of my always-pajama-clad son…in a pile of…hold your breath…clean laundry.

Shocking. I know.

Laundry and I keep our distance from one another…for the sake of the relationship we’ve determined it’s better if we each do our “own thing”.

I wash and dry it.

It decorates our master bedroom.

So far things are working out just fine.


Oh. Seth. 6 1/2 months. Right.

Yep…that means one thing…it was time for these guys to get in on the meal planning action yet again.

When I first started homemade baby food with Hope I went the route of freezing in ice cube trays…seems to be recommended by every site and book I read.

But I did not like them.

Not one bit.

And, one day, as I was feeding the lovey girl a jar of Earth’s Best pears (which, by the way, as far as store bought baby food goes, this is the best), I realized I could kill two birds with one stone.

Recycle the jars AND have perfectly portioned baby food servings.

Done and done.

Needless to say, in a very short amount of time I amassed quite a collection of jars and it was so much easier to pour the homemade goosh into the jars, pop a lid on, and put ’em in the freezer.

And, aside from loaning a handful of them out to a friend, they’ve just been holding up prime real estate in one of our kitchen drawers.


They take up so much space, you know, with all the lids and such.

But their time has come.

To return to the freezer and dinner table because the little guy is really getting into this solids thing.

It took awhile.

I should have started him at 4 months like we did with Hope.

But I decided this time around that it goes by so fast…why rush?

Well, let me pass on my advice. Rush. Rush those little people right to rice cereal.

I have a slew of theories and this is one of ’em. I have two whole case studies to back this one up so it’s even mildly sound.

We started Hope at 4 months and never had one bit of resistance.

Seth…5 1/2 months…and the child was resistant.

As in clenched jaw.

As in I put my pinky in the side of his mouth to get it to open and then, quick as lightening, slipped the food in.

I know what you’re thinking…that adorable face…stubborn? No. You must be mistaken.

Mistaken I am not. Stubborn? Yes. Very.

So, 4 months with Hope, no trouble; 5 1/2 months with Seth, a battle of the wills. My theory is start ’em early before they’re old enough to be too stubborn.


My favorite part of those battles…we’re beyond them so I can laugh about them now…was the day I asked Hope to tell Seth who always wins.

“Mama. Mama and Daddy always win brother.”


The Vitamix has come in super handy yet again. Absolutely earning it’s keep…best blender ever.

And, due to some tummy troubles, the little guy is eating all those rich in fiber foods.

This concoction seems to be his favorite.

Pears, carrots, spinach, and apple juice.

Yum…eat up little man…now that we’re past the I-will-not-and-no-you-can’t-make-me phase (to which I responded “Oh yes I can”), the boy puts food away.

Your Daddy and Uncle Jo have big plans for some intense man time.

And you’re going to need to grow big and strong if you plan to keep up with ’em!

*Making all this baby food…stocking it away and such reminded me to be SO thankful that we have the opportunity to provide adequate nutrition for our little people. So thankful.

this’ll only take a minute…

April 6, 2010

Famous last words right?

20 minutes later…and the clock is still ticking…

Well this really will only take a minute…or maybe 5…

I mentioned we had a very successful treasure hunting trip to our local Goodwill a little over a week ago…pictures of our finds are in order. Plus…a peek at my $10 Craigslist steal.

And let’s just call these purchases what they are…cheap…in cost…not character…quality? Debatable.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? And besides? Who really wants to spend a fortune decorating their home?

Not me.

The cheaper the better I say!

So in no particular order…


I didn’t find these 2 there. Just brought them along…certainly makes walking the narrow and moth-ball infused lanes a bit trickier!

First up…and let me preface this by saying that I actually purchased 4 of these bowls (2 minis & 2 mediums) but the precious girl checking me out, who told me she wrapped them up, in fact just stacked all 4 of them and wrapped 1 piece of newspaper around them…needless to say, 2 broke…1 mini and 1 medium…what do ya do?

Anyway…I L.O.V.E. these bowls. White and whimsical…and I KEEP FINDING THEM. I have a few others scattered throughout the house so imagine my excitement when I found 4 more!!! Down to 2 more and still excited…at .49 cents a pop they’re a steal!

These crates are already making themselves useful down in my kitchen…I’d originally thought I would paint them but they’re doing such a wonderful job holding sweet potatoes and onions I think I’ll just let them be…just .59 cents a piece!

This little tray is also in the kitchen…very busy corralling my EVOO, utensil jar, and salt dish (another find, from another day that I’d better show soon…too cute). It will be getting a make-over…plus a little chalkboard paint…then it’ll really be stylin’! This one was .99…!

As far as finds go this one is hard to beat…a Pier1 tea pot…for $3.99! I knew it was a keeper when I saw it…did ya notice it’s white?…but I was really curious as to what it retailed for…somewhere in the ball park of $15…ah…one good bath later it’s ready for tea!

I’ve been wanting to put chalkboard paint on something for quite some time…and this looks like it’ll make a great little message board…after the carrots bid every farewell…say “bye bye” carrots.

This was one of three pieces on this venture that will get a touch of chalkboard paint on them…so excited.

.79 cents.



A few pillow cases that are an identical match to the color of our sofa fabric will soon be given a new life as throw pillows…with some Pottery Barn inspiration, home made style, to boot! These were .99 a piece and they had three racks full of pillow cases…three…

And finally…the piece that is actually knee deep in it’s make-over as we speak…this beauty:

I know…it really doesn’t look like much now, but trust me…it’s looking pretty.darn.adorable. with it’s new coat of white paint and…can you guess? Chalkboard paint!!!

It’s just the thing I’ve been looking for to finish up the little lady’s big girl bed room.

Magnetic? Check.

Chalkboard? Check.

I was pretty pleased with the $4.99 sticker after flipping the frame over and seeing that someone paid $17.99 for just the frame. Deal.

Okay…now…the cherry on top of my latest venture into the world of bargain decorating…where to begin???

Ah yes…All Bower Power

One of the three blogs I religiously stalk.

And one day while reading the latest post by the fabulously creative and frugal, not to mention downright hilarious, Katie Bower I saw a picture of her coffee table.

I immediately fell for it. Hard.

Well, late last week I was keeping myself entertained by scouring Craigslists…I do this periodically just to see what people are selling…you’d be surprised what you find.

And then I spotted it.

Coffee table.


I was curious so I took a look.

And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw an octagon table in Katie’s living room.

After sending a quick email to the seller I fully prepared myself for it to be sold or a hoax.

The next morning the seller wrote back, “two people in front of you…if I don’t hear from either of them I’ll let you know.”

Two whole people. It’s a goner…why would either one of them pass at this?

“Okay…sounds good. Just let me know if you don’t sell it. I’d love to purchase it if neither of them does…here’s my number…”

Not 10 minutes later I got a call back.

It was mine if I wanted it.

And you know I said yes!

So here it is…in all its undressed-I-need-a paint-job-glory.

Even though nothing says pretty like a fresh coat of white paint, I’m thinking Chandelier Sparkle will suit this table nicely…my hubby suggested “leaving the cane as is for a little bit of depth”.

He’s quite the decorator. He just wouldn’t tell you that…you know…to keep up pretenses.


I’ll see how it looks…might be just the ticket to make this $10 find look like a million bucks!

Well you know the next thing I had to do was send an email to miss Katie…let her know…I thought she’d be just as giddy as I was.

And you know what?

She was.

In all her past-her-due-date-craziness she even took time to write back…isn’t that just so nice??? I’m sure she has at least 10 other things to do while she waits for her little one to arrive…but she did.

And guess what? She only paid $10 for her coffee table too!

No kidding.

The moral of this story: you’d better keep your eyes peeled…maybe these octagon coffee tables of old are the latest craze…and if you’re lucky you might just score one for $10 yourself!!!

So…those are my finds. Not only are they bargains but it’s nice to give something a second wind…much better than buying something new for twice the price and it keeps it out of the trash. Done and done.

Who says you can’t put together a spiffy place to call home without spending a fortune. A little creativity. A little scavenging. And a whole lotta fun!

And seeing as Goodwill treasure hunts seem to be posted about daily in blog land,  I’m curious what great finds you might have found? Any thing you’re giving a second wind? Maybe you’ve just been inspired and now you’re heading out to find your own treasures…dumpster diving… 🙂 Either way you go about it I’d love to see pictures if you’ve got. Stories? Do tell.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

Spring cleaning the schedule

April 5, 2010

I’ve never participated in anything related to Spring cleaning…


My mom was the “tidy up” type.

Deep cleaning wasn’t a term I learned until much later.

And even then…well, have you met my little people?

This is Hope…age 2…

Very busy girl. Lots of questions. Always finding some new way to turn our home into her very own jungle gym.

Probably should have skipped the Curious George books at bedtime.


And this is Seth…6 1/2 months…

He’s added a little tooth to that gummy grin since this picture was taken but you get the idea…he’s lively!

Seth loves toys and being entertained. So content and chatty…sounds like a dinosaur…or at least the way Hollywood has informed me they sound…

Needless to say…the plate is a little.bit.full. and although I think cleaning every nook and cranny sounds like so much fun…I can’t justify it.

Not right now.

Not all at once.

Not with little people around who are growing up so fast.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few things getting tidied up around here…closets…I have tackled all but one of our closets…and the afters are good.

The kitchen cupboards are next.

I will be as ruthless with them as I was with my collection of unworn shoes.

Big plans…just need to find the time…

One little bit of tidying up that went on not too long ago was to our daily/weekly schedule.

The idea was sparked because my friend, Meg, builds a fort for her little people every Monday…by the way, Meg…if you’re reading this I’d really like to see pictures…I’m sure everyone else would too…plus I’d like to know all about it!

And so all week long they can look forward to Monday being fort day!!!

Isn’t that a great idea?!!?

Well it got me to thinking about how crazy Meg would be if every day was fort day!!!

Can you just imagine the hair pulling that would go on???

And it would be such a shame because Meg has great hair.

Well, anyway…it got me to thinking about the hair pulling that was going on around here because there are so many things I was trying to fit into our day and I was SO frustrated that it wasn’t working.

Then it hit me…please cue laughter at my ignorance now…I don’t have to do EVERYTHING EVERY DAY.


Imagine my relief.

I just needed to be a bit more scheduled…a little bit more organized…so I made a list of everything I wanted to fit in…crafts, music, baking, Spanish, Bible verses, etc.

Some of these things go on daily…like the quiet time we do with Hope in the morning or the devotions we do before Daddy leaves for work.

But some only happen weekly.

Like Little Pim.

For some time Monday has been Little Pim day.

Little Pim…as in the Spanish speaking (and 9 other languages, including English, for that matter) panda.

And so every Monday, we watch one of three 35 minute DVDs. They’re so great because they’re broke down into 5 minute segments that can be watched a little here and a little there if you want.

We want it all at once.

They’re that good.

Let me put it this way, total, I spent 4 years “studying” Spanish. I say that very loosely because I’d like to think that after 4 years of anything I’d have something to show for it.

But I don’t.


Other than the handful of words that are just obvious due to growing up in New Mexico.

Well, let me tell you…I’m learning Spanish. Albeit…vocabulary and basic sentence structure but folks that’s a big deal for me!

It was important to us that our children have an opportunity to become bilingual at the most opportune time in their lives…right now. So for Christmas 2009, Little Pim was on the wish-list.

Alex’s dad and mom delivered…we’re so grateful!

Little Pim was developed by Julia Pimsleur Levine. She’s a mother as well as the daughter of renowned language teacher, Paul Pimsleur.

Long story short, she wanted a quality tool to teach language to her children.

Thank you Julia!!!!! We love it and are learning!!!

Anyway…Monday is Little Pim, every other Tuesday is craft day (because I’m not so confident I’ll be able to come up with enough crafts for the little lady and I don’t want to crash before really taking off!), Wednesday is baking day…yes this is every week, Thursday is music day, and Friday is a free day.

Do you know how wonderful it is to feel like, amidst the craziness of just keeping a house running, somewhat tidy, and feeding little bellies I’m not going to just rush through these sweet moments without purpose?

Pretty darn wonderful.

So…although the house may not be spick n’ span it’s sure gonna be filled with love, laughter, and some sweet moments!

Now, I’m curious what your days look like? Are you as desperate for a game plan as I am in order to get stuff done? Do you fly by the seat of your pants and manage to fit it all in…I know there are some of you super moms out there? What are the activities of choice around your place? Any cute craft ideas for toddlers? Please share…I’m always looking for ideas!

*By the way…did you notice the glass table top Pim and his DVD buddies were sitting on? I’m not going to get into too much but I will tell you 2 important things about it: Craigslist & $10. Steal of a deal.

our day at the zoo

April 1, 2010

We did things a little differently than we usually do…

Hope still fed the giraffes…because that’s the main reason we go to the zoo.

And it wouldn’t be a trip to the zoo without it. Then into the barn to see the new babies.

Just barely born and 6 feet tall…sweet deal.

The lions were out on their rock…so we said hello to them too.

But then we spent some time checking out the critters we usually don’t stop to see.

Like the ducks…Hope got the biggest kick out of watching them dive…

And the turkeys

The turkeys and ducks live with the the resident moose…Tahoma…

Not sure which of the tigers was out that day, but it’s always fun to see one of them moving around.

Hope was mostly curious if there were any ducks in the water over by the tigers…?

“No, not with the tigers darling.”

And then we went back to see the ducks some more…

I’m working on taking better pictures…bear with me…working is the key word…I haven’t the slightest clue what I’m doing most of the time…moving objects contained behind fences don’t help…


78 degrees…for about 10 minutes…it got me thinking about how lovely spring is…and about all the amazing creatures God has made…it’s so fun to see my daughter get excited about critters the way I did when I was her age still do.

73…yes please!

March 30, 2010

The weather is lovely here today so we’re making the most of it and heading to the zoo…

Just in case the forecast is right and it snows on Friday…

And I thought New Mexico was finicky!


Happy Tuesday!!!

memorable moment & training tips

March 25, 2010

(Giveaway details here)

A memory is formed in an instant…

But with baby brain, even the sweetest memories are bound to be forgotten without proper documentation…

Hope, Seth, and I were headed downstairs this morning.

I was carrying three of these…

Two of these…

This (Hope insisted Seth wanted to take it with us)…

My phone.

Oh, and one of these…

As in my super smiley little mister

Hope was carrying this…

When she turned to me at the top of the stairs and asked me to carry these…

Because, as she put it, “Mama, you please carry these for me…my hands kinda too full”.

…smile and sigh…

“darling girl…of course I’ll carry them for you.”

—–  *  —–

Yesterday I mentioned that we’re in the business of planting seeds around here. Little veggies yes, but more importantly God’s Word in our little peoples hearts.

The mind of a child is incredible you know. The ability to recall and memorize is at its absolute best right now.

So we’re trying to make the most of it.

Trusting that God will produce as much or as little fruit in their lives from the seeds we’re planting as He wills, but also knowing we’re called to train them up.

There are three verses that have really shaped our approach to training up our little people:

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” ~Romans 10:17


“So will My Word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” ~Isaiah 55:11


“Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.” ~Psalm 119:11

Alright…that’s the foundation.

From there a couple of conclusions were drawn:

1. Part of training is helping our little people hide the Word of God in their hearts. At no other time in their life will their mind be more of a sponge than now so we’re starting now…we’re not worried about them “getting it” all right now but we certainly want to plant that little seed now so it’s there for God to grow into a producing truth throughout their life when He sees fit.

Here’s a side note…when I was very small…4, maybe 5…my mom played these Kids Praise CDs in the car for us. One of the songs was Ephesians 4:32…to this day I can remember the tune and “lyrics” of that song…couldn’t tell you much of anything I learned in high school or college but I can remember that song. And, more importantly, it being planted there has allowed the Lord to bring it to my recollection numerous times throughout my life at just.the.right.moment.

2. Faith comes by hearing. I’m not sure about this. I’ll be the first to state that it’s just one of my many theories…but I can’t help but wonder if  many a Christian parent takes for granted that their first mission field is to their children?

Bible studies are great.

Ministering in your church is great.

Participating in world wide missions are great.

But first and foremost, our children need us to shepherd and minister to them because until they profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, begin walking in surrender to His will, they are in need of hearing the Gospel again and again and again.

3. And this is where I sigh the biggest sigh…God is responsible for the fruit. Thank you Lord it’s not my responsibility to make something happen! But…that is no excuse to not participate, to plant, and to tend.

There…I will now put my soap box back in the corner and get on with it.


Here are the resources we’re using around here to provide planting opportunities…they’re all a means to an end…the end being constant planting of Scripture in little people hearts…trusting in the God of the Word to take it from there.

1. Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Bible verse CDs and DVDs, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

-Brace yourself for a trip back to the early 90s! Contemporary Christian artist Steve Green and a slew of little people sing Bible verses as they sport their neon attire! I love both of these sets because the CDs are great for the car while the DVDs make for a great mid-morning video. The kids play and act out a skit according to the theme of the verse. Bottom line, what Hope is hearing and retaining is Scripture. Plus the skits provide conversation starters while we’re watching!

2. Playtime Devotions

– I sent this to a friend…rightfully so she thought the devos were a little cheesy…I think they’re a little cheesy…and I’m cheesy! But again…a means to an end. We do a handful of these together as a family before Alex leaves to go to work each morning. And because Hope is able to speak pretty well, Alex will say a part of the verse, let her repeat it, say the rest of the verse, let her repeat, and then give the address…which she repeats. Want to know something? She’ll ask for specific devos according to the Bible verse. Seeds are being planted.

3. Jesus Wants All of Me Prayer Edition

Oswald Chambers. Did you know he came to know the Lord under the teaching of Charles Spurgeon? Yep. Sound stuff. And this little book is the daily devos from Chambers daily devo, My Utmost for His Highest, written in the language of little people. However, cue the broken record…it’s a means to an end…Hope listens and repeats the verse and prayer that’s included with each devo.

4. My Utmost for His Highest, Jesus Wants All of Me

This one is on my list of books to check out…the only difference between this book and the one listed above is that it doesn’t include the prayer at the end…and I’ll be honest, it’s a blessing to be able to lead Hope in prayer every day with the simple format that’s given in the other book. That said, I’d still like to check this one out.

5. Songs for Saplings

– I have purchased a great many ABC Bible verse CDs and this is my favorite…for one reason: it includes the verse address in the song. I like that…helps me to remember them better that way.

6. Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

– These books were sent to us by our good friends the Stimson’s just before the little mister arrived. They’re theologically sound and provide a great opportunity to discuss a few of the bigger topics in the Bible.

7. My ABC Bible Verses

– Nearly the last time with the broken record…each verse starts with the corresponding letter in the alphabet and includes a story to illustrate the verse. This book provides an opportunity for discussion and more importantly an opportunity to read/recite the corresponding Bible verse.

Hope is currently stuck on E…”Even a child is known by his deeds” ~Proverbs 20:11…good verse.

8. And finally, Bible verses throughout our home that we can read and repeat as we see them throughout the day.

It’s just about planting. As I was gathering the links to these resources I came across this quote:

“To suppose that whatever God requireth of us that we have power of ourselves to do, is to make the cross and grace of Jesus Christ of none effect.” John Owen

Well said. A good reminder that though we’re called to participate and train, it is only by the power of God in us that will enable us to do so day in and day out.

*Any resources you’re using? I’m always looking for ways to expose our little people to the truth of God’s Word…so if you have any on your bookshelf or in your CD player that you just love, please share!

sweet substitutions…

March 11, 2010

Skittles and Jelly Bellies. Our potty training reward of choice. Until I watched this flick.

All candy was promptly thrown in trash.

So for a few weeks it was dried cherries and blueberries instead. Hope didn’t seem to notice the reward switch but I still felt a twinge every time we celebrated a victory and I handed her one little piece of dried fruit…she’d just had a handful maybe 10 minutes earlier for snack time.

So I was on a mission…and oh Vitamin Cottage, I could JUST HUG YOU!!!

Wonderful, dye free jelly beans. Gummi bears too (we stopped giving her a Flintstone gummi every morning as well…felt really bad about that one because her routine was to ask for one first thing when she woke up…”me go get a gummi?”) and now I have an alternative.

Organic, all natural…now she gets a gummi bear (for the sake of routine) and a cup of oj (it hides the powder vitamins best) every morning. Hope seems to be okay with the arrangement.

Anyway…the next major substitution happened by accident.

For Valentine’s Day we told Hope that cupcakes would be made and frosted. So Alex picked up a box of cake mix…you know the one with the familiar red spoon at the top? A tub of hydrogenated oil frosting too.

Then…we watched that darn movie. I shouldn’t say it like that…gives a HUGE misrepresentation of how I feel about the flick…it’s just that had I watched the movie after we had made cupcakes I wouldn’t have had to throw all that stuff in the trash too.

But then, had I not we might not have discovered this.

Yep…organic cake mix AND frosting. A tip of the hat to Vitamin Cottage again (although we miss our Trader Joe’s and daily hope that liquor stores in Colorado will be tired of making a profit and consequently stop pouring oodles of dough into halting the bills that are attempting to lift the liquor laws here we realize it’s a shot in the dark and have come to appreciate the slightly less cost efficient VC).

There are a few other flavors as well…we stick with vanilla just avoid all possible allergic reactions with miss Hope.

Anyway…back to the cake. Words…there are simply no words to describe JUST.HOW.DELICIOUS. this stuff is…Betty Crocker eat your heart out.

And since Wednesday is now baking day I picked up a box earlier this week.  I just didn’t have the energy to mill any soft white wheat flour this week nor the energy to figure something out so a boxed cake it was!

The icing on my cake…Pulte needed to fix our shower and had to come by on THURSDAY. Translation: Alex would be home…so we switched baking day to Thursday instead of Wednesday and he whipped up the cake with Hope.

Mid-way through the process our friends stopped by to pick up some of the seedlings. Upon transplanting them I realized that I had a surplus of seedlings but not the heart to just pitch ’em…so I gave them.

Anyway, Laura and her sweet (and when I say sweet I mean you just want to cuddle him because he melts your heart so quick) little guy Hunter stopped by just in time…Alex had just finished up the frosting…one beater per kiddo made for an oh so nutritious mid-morning snack.

There are some people who take pictures and then there are others who TAKE PICTURES…Laura is the latter…can you tell…

I should also add that it’s Laura’s birthday today. She mentioned this to me 2 days…as in 48 hours…ago.

And I forgot.

It wasn’t until they’d been gone for a good half hour that it hit me.

WE WERE MAKING CAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and it still slipped my mind.

Baby brain…love dearly and would give up my memory again today for our little people but let me tell ya,  if I could have BOTH my brain and the little people, well I might just do a back flip.

The cake. It’s so good. I like mine with a little milk in the bowl.

Hope likes hers on her fingers and in her mouth.

It’s really good. And even better…no yucky fake stuff. Three cheers!!!

Makes me feel less guilty for eating the whole slice. Less guilty.

*Speaking of yucky fake stuff…I am so excited to be able to put all my hours and hours of grueling studies to obtain a journalism degree to work in the form of a few interviews…as I mentioned, Mr. Stan Searle will be one of these, but also on the ticket is the brilliant author of this book…stay tuned!!!